The Fortitude Family

The Fortitude Family

Fortitude Mortgage Brokers was founded by husband and wife team, Alex and Ruth Campbell. From the start the aim was to grow a business with a family-like feel. That meant a place to work where honesty, support and care are fundamental components in the day to day work environment. It’s about being able to laugh together and cry together (hopefully not too much of the latter). It’s about people being able to challenge without fear and to be able to say what they think. It’s also about accepting when we’re wrong and not taking it personally. But most of all it’s about trying to be our best and trying to do our best. We want people who will go above and beyond, and in return we will go above and beyond for them.

Read on to find out more about the members of the Fortitude family.

Alex Campbell

Founder and Mortgage Broker

Fortitude was founded in 2020 by Alex Campbell, who has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Alex had a vision to create a mortgage brokerage where clients genuinely come first, where the broker works for the client and not their commission. Fortitude is the incarnation of that vision.

Outside of work, Alex is a passionate Everton fan, is married to Ruth and together they have two daughters. He dreams of being 21 again, road tripping up the West Coast of America and having Ruth laugh at one of his jokes.

Ruth Campbell

Co-founder, the “Real Boss” and Operations

Alongside Alex, Ruth helped to launch Fortitude Mortgage Brokers. Whilst Alex thinks he’s in charge, everyone knows who really makes all the decisions! Ruth is responsible for the operations of the business, making sure all runs smoothly.

Ruth enjoys hikes, travelling and watching live music. Ruth dreams that one day Alex will tell a joke which is actually funny.

Thomas Leng

Commercial Mortgage Broker

Thomas (or Tom), is part of the extended Fortitude family. Tom helps with any commercial mortgage enquiries.

Thomas is a big fan of…

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