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Self Employed First Time Buyers

Being a first time buyer can be daunting enough as it is. But when you’re self employed too, the world of mortgages can seem an even bigger minefield!

When you’re looking to see how much you can borrow as an employee, it’s a lot more straightforward as it’s often simply a multiple of your salary. But when self employed, there are so many more variables to consider. Questions such as “Are you a sole trader, partner or director in a limited company?”, “What percentage of the company do you own?”, “How long have you been trading?”, “How do you take your income?”, and “Are you looking to use your net profit or dividend income?” can result in a wide variety of answers and scenarios. This makes is very hard to give a concise and simple answer to many of your concerns.

Thankfully, that’s what we’re here for. If you would like to find out more about your options, why not book in for an introductory chat? There’s no obligation to proceed with anything, it’s more an opportunity for you to have all your questions answered.

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Resources for self employed first time buyers

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Check you’re eligible for a mortgage

Before you even start thinking about how much you can borrow, or what type of property to buy, the first important step is to make sure you’re likely to be eligible for a mortgage. To help you with this, we’ve created a short quiz that will indicate whether or not you’re likely to be accepted.