What documents are required?

When it comes to obtaining a mortgage, each lender will have different criteria in terms of what documents are required. As a starting point you’ll want to have ready a form of ID (eg passport), proof of your address (eg utility bill), three months personal bank statements and proof of your deposit. The additional documents will be dependent upon your employment status.

You’re Employed

Latest three months payslips.

If bonuses and/or commission are included, supporting documents such as your P60 or specific payslips that confirm bonus amounts may also be required.

You’re Self Employed

Latest three years accounts (if available).

Latest three years SA302 documents (if available).

Latest three years tax returns (if available).

If you’re a contractor, a copy of your current contract along with any previous contracts.

Other Documents

In addition to these documents we also recommend you obtain a copy of your credit file. You can obtain a copy from the link at the top of the page.

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