Why Use Us

Why use us

Fortitude Mortgage Brokers are online mortgage brokers who specialise in helping first time buyers. We’re completely independent and work on your behalf to secure you the best deal for your circumstances. We’re based in Bristol, and love our home, but we help clients all across the UK.

At Fortitude Mortgage Brokers our goal is to be the number one mortgage broker in the UK for first time buyers. We believe we can achieve this goal by focusing on four key areas:

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Buying a house for the first time can be a daunting experience. Our role is to ensure that this is not the case. That means making sure that you are educated on the process, next steps, how everything works, what costs are involved, and so forth. We will do all we can so that your first purchase is everything you have dreamed it will be. That is, a truly special moment in achieving one of life’s big goals.

We want Fortitude Mortgage Brokers to be an employer of choice. That means making it a great place to work, where people enjoy what they do, are treated fairly, and rewarded accordingly. We fully support the mantra that a happy worker is a good worker. We also believe that teamwork makes the dream work (we’re clearly on a roll here with the cliched phrases), and so actively support opportunities for individuals to work together both for the good of personal development and for our clients. Importantly, when you join Fortitude, we want you to feel like part of a family.

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There’s no debate that we are in a position of privilege and that many people out there are less fortunate than ourselves. It is our responsibility to help do something about that. Helping support charitable causes both financially and through the giving of time is a key part of what we do.

This is where it all started. In order to be the best we have to be willing to do what others wouldn’t. That means we keep working on your behalf, trying to obtain the best mortgage we can for you, no matter how many objections or what challenges we face from financial lenders. We are a mortgage broker that you can reply on, a mortgage broker that understands you. We’re here to offer you the Fortitude you need.

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Check you’re eligible for a mortgage

Before you even start thinking about how much you can borrow, or what type of property to buy, the first important step is to make sure you’re likely to be eligible for a mortgage. To help you with this, we’ve created a short quiz that will indicate whether or not you’re likely to be accepted.